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March 18th, 2023 - May 6th, 2023

Opening Reception Hours: 6pm - 9pm March 18th, 2023

This exhibition celebrates the extraordinary artistry and ingenuity of textile and fiber
artists, whose work spans an impressive array of materials and techniques, ranging from
traditional weaving to mixed-media installations. Despite the remarkable scope of this art form, it
has often been overlooked in the realm of fine art, perhaps due to its associations with craft and
domesticity. However, this exhibition aims to challenge such outdated perspectives and
showcase the remarkable innovation and expertise of these creators.

One of the most captivating features of textile and fiber art is its remarkable versatility.
These materials can be used to produce intricate and delicate pieces, as well as bold and
commanding installations that dominate entire gallery spaces. Nevertheless, textile and fiber art
has frequently been relegated to the periphery of the art world, despite its immense potential.

This exhibition seeks to address this imbalance by bringing together a diverse group of
textile and fiber artists from Milwaukee, who will showcase the incredible diversity and richness
of this often-overlooked art form. Through their work, visitors will witness the stunning textures,
colors, and forms that define textile and fiber art, as well as discover how these artists are
pushing the boundaries of what is achievable with these materials. Join us in celebrating the
tremendous contributions of textile and fiber art to the broader world of contemporary art.

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