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Hawthorn Contemporary, situated in the historic Walker's Point neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is an art venue with a strong focus on showcasing experimental contemporary art. The gallery is a hub for artists, culture producers, and art enthusiasts to engage with thought-provoking exhibitions and instigate conversations between diverse communities.


The Walker's Point neighborhood has undergone significant changes in recent times, transitioning from a landscape dominated by warehouses and factories to a vibrant area filled with apartments, upscale eateries, and various other establishments. The transformation has led to the unfortunate displacement or closure of artists' studios and galleries. Despite gentrification's challenges, Hawthorn Contemporary is committed to being an integral part of the neighborhood showcasing national and regional artists making impactful works.


The gallery exhibitions and programming aim to foster conversations reflecting on the current societal climate, providing insights into contemporary culture's prevailing conditions and perspectives. This commitment to promoting culture, dialogue, and artistic experimentation underscores Hawthorn Contemporary's significance as a cultural institution within the Walker's Point neighborhood and the broader art community.

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